Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finding inspiration in everyday objects

There is one key rule that every artist should recognize. There is no such thing as a good color only good color relationships. So when I'm out and about and I see something that catches my eyes I try to memorize the colors because they demand my attention. Eventually, I have this big beautiful collection of color palettes to call upon for use in later projects.

Places to look for color relationships:

1. Nature: Nature can have some of the most beautiful relationships, but be aware that its not only the plants color that is beautiful, but what surrounds the plant as well.

2.Everyday Objects: This is a little more difficult. Not everything that was created by man has beautiful/appropriate color relationships. I would take examples from things you found striking. Something that caught you attention for an extended period of time.

3. Palettes Online: There are many websites that have palettes available for use for any user. Kuler.adobe.com is a website I would recommend because of the flexibility of the search engine. You get to see what the world imagines when they picture words like "macaroni" or "jealousy". These types of applications help a graphic designer get in touch with people and how they relate color to their reality.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stocking up on Papers

I drove down to Woburn last Thursday, hunting for one specific type of paper I needed for one of my projects for a client. My trip was well worth the drive. While at the Ris Paper Company sampling department, they gave me more than what I was looking for. They gave me the pinacles of their collection. Some of the most beautiful paper samples i've seen, along with beautiful die cuts, metallic foils, special folding, and so many other goodies.

It was so inspiring to just touch the paper and see the potential that it has.

I would recommend that every graphic designer head out to their local Paper Distributor to see what available. Even if they can't ever see them using paper that costs $2 a sheet... go out and see whats out there!

Above was the paper I was hunting for its called Spekletone by the French Paper Co.
I found a couple others as well like Environment Papers from Neenah Papers, but the French Paper Co. was the closest.

On another note, unless you are planning on printing for a large project don't go and try to find smaller than 250 sheets for any of these companies. Most of these specialty papers will only distribute to retailers and they won't brake their 250 count cartons.

So after hours and hours of research, I finally discovered a distributor that does break cartons and provides smaller quantities of specialty papers. The company is called Glodan and their website is http://www.paperpurchase.com/Glodan2/.

Be warned though, if you are buying smaller than 100 sheets of paper you may be charged about $8.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wendy Bates Front Demo

This was one of my potential designs for my client's handout for her private massage business.

Wendy Bates Massage Menu

One of my clients wanted to create a simple handout for her massage therapy business. I decided to print it on a speckled paper. I think it looks almost like a recycled paper.

I felt like the bamboo was a nice touch because bamboo has a very organic and calming feel when you are in its presence. My client also practices martial arts and Tai Chi; she appreciates the Asian decor.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Essencia Prom Flyer

Essencia Spa wanted me to create a flyer for some special prom goers. Overall I like the simplicity of it, but I think in the future I'm going to experiment with more textures and eccentric backgrounds.

Simple Flash Photo Gallery

I created this flash photo gallery from some shots that I took at Essencia Spa and Salon in Amesbury, MA. It can be seen here


Friday, April 22, 2011

Mother's Day Essencia Flyer

Its almost mother's day and everyone should take their mother out somewhere special.

No need to think anymore. I have the solution for you! Essencia will be offering two pampering packages at a major discount.

Call in and reserve you spot today!
Essencia Spa and Salon

Polarity Therapy Business Cards

Card samples created for Equilibrium Healing Arts. I played with the pen tool for the first time creating the background for the first card. I repeated and flipping a shape. Its amazing what can be done with making a simple squiggly line.

Old Logo Designs

Here are some really old logo designs I dug up from maybe 4-5 years ago. It was for a company called Total Technology. They still look pretty decent and I may some day use them again for another project.

Taste of Essencia Flyer

Stand up flyer for Essencia Spa and Salon
Played around with font characteristics to draw attention in a circular direction.

Construction Business Cards (In Progress)

A couple of business card samples created for CMS Construction in Groveland, MA. They are still presently being edited, but I wanted to let my reader's see a work in progress. So here it is.

Newburyport Magazine Strip Ad

An ad created for Essencia Spa and Salon in April Edition of the Newburyport Magazine.

Essencia Spa and Salon is gorgeous spa located in the center of Amesbury, MA.
If you're a local come stop by!

Green Piano Lesson Flyers

A small flyer I created for my friend Eric who plays and teaches some awesome piano. He also has been Grammy Nominated as a keyboardist under Steven Vai (the composer for the documentary "The World")

He also owns a company called Audiodrome Productions in Beverly, MA. Go check him out! Audiodrome Productions

Newburyport Magazine Ad

This is a piece I enjoy looking back on because it reminds me how much I have grown. Also it makes me ponder why I chose a 70's style retro background with such horrible color choices. Bleck. Ick. Eww. Haha oh well.

Equilibrium Holiday Postcards

Two quick mock ups for holiday postcards with coupons. The first postcard in the 2 mock ups was selected for print.

Client: Equilibrium Healing Arts

Equilibrium Healing Gift Card Demos

Here is a set of 3 gift card demos I gave a client with a polarity therapy company. She choose the second in the set of 3 for print.

Tip: Its important to make a gift card symbolic of your company, so that when friends of a customer see the gift card (even at a distance) they'll immediately be able to associate it with your company.

Here are some samples of movie posters that really imprint a theme into the viewer's mind 50 Beautiful Movie Posters

What is your theme?

CMS Construction Estimate Template

This is a template I created for CMS Construction Co. in Groveland, MA. These estimates are handed to potential clients to see the potential cost of the project and also the template can also be used as a receipt if the project is verified.

I really believe in branding all things given to clients which is why I recreated the company logo and placed it on the header. These things do make a difference in a client's subconscious thinking! Next time they are going to look for a service, your company will come to mind (of course if you branded yourself well)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Water Elephant (Flyer 3 in 3)

This is the 3rd flyer in the series of 3 for Eric. I think the water droplet looks like an elephant jumping out of the water.

Goldberg Gold Flyer (Flyer 2 in 3)

The flyer 2 in the series of 3 Flyers I've created for my friend Eric. This one was more oriented towards the fall with the color choices.

Goldberg Flyer (Flyer 1 in 3)

A piece I created for my friend Eric. He plays at a local resturuant and wanted some flyers put together for his shows. This is the first demo that was approved and finalized