Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Favorite Website of the Month

This is gonna be a quick post. I'm constantly searching through the inter webs for the next badass design website. Below is my favorite website pick of the month.


This website is bursting with layout/typography ideas on many different formats of menus. My only question I have after looking over all of these menus is "How did those lucky bastards end up with such little text to deal with? Did they beg the owner to shorten their menu?" Maybe these designers don't take Cheesecake Factory style menus like some sadistic designers do.



Hand Lettering by Sean Wes

Talk about a beast with the micron. Sean McCabe is the envy of every t-shirt and logo designer. He hand draws his text then manipulates it so well in the digital realm with such precision you won't believe he drew it by hand.

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