Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seasonally Updating a Facebook Fanpage

I can't believe its been since March 2012 that I've updated this blog. I feel as if I've failed my hoards of loyal followers. Or maybe thats how I'd like to imagine it, so that I'll continue writing on this blog. 

Having not touched this blog in months, I was surprised to see that I somehow amassed 2,700 views. Obviously some people care to check my work out and that makes me feel as if I should put in the time to add more of my pieces/graphic tips to this blog. Without further a due here are some of my latest works: 

Facebook Winter Imagery Update for Essencia Spa

Above you can see that I've made the Facebook fanpage for Essencia Salon Spa & Boutique. To give the page a holiday atmosphere, I gave every element a red tone. If you are a business owner I would suggest making this changes quarterly to keep your page looking fresh and most importantly alive!

Seasonal Update Checklist

1. Profile Picture: Give the profile picture seasonal elements like snowflakes, leaves, or flowers. Try to use a color that you can use in all elements of the Facebook header. 

2. Tabs: Be sure to give those tabs a seasonal touch as well. I personally like to use some type of design element that goes across every block like a ribbon (in this case its the patterned background)

3. Cover Photo: This is a perfect opportunity to show off your products/services through  the season. Don't have the right tools/money to create and customized cover photo? I'd suggest finding a high resolution stock photo off a website royalty-free stock photography site like or Be sure to use keywords like "winter"and "hair".

Bonus! Changing your cover photo will appear higher on your customer's Facebook feeds, thats a great opportunity to show latest product, event, or service images.

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