Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Planet Fitness's New "Gymtimidation" Comercials

I'm always a fan of companies that try to differentiate themselves from whats already on the market, but after browsing Youtube and coming across Planet Fitness's new commercials I wasn't impressed. Planet Fitness is a gym infamous for having a "judgement-free zone" and a lunk alarm that goes off if you grunt or drop weights.

In an attempt to kick off 2013 new years resolutions, Planet Fitness has came out with a collection of attention grabbing ads of "ex-gym members" who openly hate being around people who work out regularly and can't help but show strangers their bodies in the locker room. Each ad is carrying the slogan "No Gymtimidation".

Here is the ad below. Give it a watch and give your feedback in the comments:

These commercials did not make me feel any more motivated to work out at Planet Fitness by essentially making fun of people who work out at gyms regularly. Isn't that the type of people you want to attract to a gym? Regulars? I suppose Planet Fitness is looking for the target audience of  temporary gym members.  People who are only going to work out for 1-3 months and attracted to the cheap $10/month membership. They even serve free pizza the first Monday of every month, they also have a bagel day on Tuesdays, and hand out tootsie rolls regularly at the gym. They are targeting an audience that desires to be sexy/healthy, but are secretly jealous of said people and paint little fantasies in their heads of these gym regulars being pricks.

Sounds like they are preying upon the insecurities of gym-wannabes in the ad choices and pampering them with the comfort foods to keep them coming back for more. Effective, but lame.

I'm not Gymtimidated...

Felicia Santos

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